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As part of the territorial marketing strategy developed by the municipality of Pampilhosa da Serra invites all citizens and athletes to enter the world "Pampilhosa da Serra: Inspires Nature".

The MTB Center of Pampilhosa da Serra consists of a changing room building, sanitary facilities, a bicycle service station, network of bike paths properly signposted with about 122 km and 4 levels of difficulty. As you travel through the vast network of trails you will travel through rural roads, schist villages, areas of great technical difficulty, areas of natural 2000 network (great diversity of fauna and flora), unique landscapes in the country surrounding the Stª Luzia reservoir. Part of the trails, which make up the center, are located at high altitudes, sometimes over 1,300 metres.
Its use is free of charge, with the exception of the bathing and bike washing area. This MTB Center is a tourist and sports infrastructure located at the confluence of a network of footpaths linking the shale villages of Fajão to Janeiro de Baixo.

As you know, to visit Pampilhosa da Serra is to connect with nature, history and tradition.
Come and get inspired by the Pampilhosa da Serra Mountain Bike Center.


  • 40°05'29.7"N 7°51'00.6"W

  • The access from the coast is made by the IC8 from Pombal, taking the N2 in Pedrógão Grande and then the N344 to Pampilhosa da Serra. Alternatively you can leave from Castelo Branco, follow the N112 for 60 Km, then turn right on the N344 until the dam. A third access is made by Fundão, through the N238 until Orvalho (40 Km), then 15 Km along the N112 and finally 6 Km along the N344.


  • 10h00 - 17h00

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  • Restaurant

  • Cafe
  • River Beach

  • Showers with Free Baths

  • WC
  • Paid Bike Wash

  • Self-Service Workshop
  • Other Activities

map of routes


p17 green

The entire circuit takes place on the banks of the Santa Lúzia Dam, next to Casal da Lapa, in a pine forest area. The trail leaves the Center through the cycle via and then follows the bank of the dam towards Unhais-o-Velho. The return starts when it touches the old road, towards the Center of MTB, where it arrives again by the cycle via.

Distance: 3,3 km / 2,05 mi

Time: 0h30 to 1h00

Climbing: 97 m / 318,2 ft

p18 blue

This circuit accompanies the whole dam of Santa Luzia. It starts on the dirt road near the dam and then follows the old road. It passes the Unhais River through a small pontoon before reaching Unhais-o-Velho and then follows the road until Malhada do Rei. The return is done bordering the reservoir, passing Vidual de Cima, where you arrive by a new and technical section. It ends by crossing the dam wall, always spectacular, after a fun single track.

Distance: 27,9 km / 17,34 mi

Time: 2h30 to 4h00

Climbing: 830 m / 2723 ft

p19 red

After the initial path to Unhais-o-Velho, common to other courses, it follows a little more with the P20 and separates from it following the Unhais River upstream towards the Meãs where it enters a quiet valley and old trail. After that, climb steep and then half way up towards Malhada do Rei. Climb until you reach the maximum altitude (1023m) with a spectacular view over the dam area, go around the ridge to see the Schist Village and the Penedos de Fajão (Natura 2000 Network) and descend towards Vidual de Cima, where you can take a shortcut to the P18 or continue to Cabril and Vale Grande. From here you have an extraordinary view of the rocks that host the dam wall, where you cross to finish the circuit. 

Distance: 36 km / 22,37 mi

Time: 3h00 to 4h30

Climbing: 1225 m / 4019 ft

p20 black

After the beginning, common to other courses, this course diverts in Aradas, towards Portela de S. Jorge da Beira. From here starts the descent by single track, recently opened, to Meãs and climb facing the peak Cebola (highest point of the circuit, 1124m). From this point with incredible views, we go down to Ceiroco. An easy section follows along the stream known as "Vala" to Ponte de Fajão where one arrives by an old and very technical track. We go up by old paths to the Schist Village of Fajão. After, we follow the variant of the Great Schist Villages Route, the GR 21.1, from where we diverge to descend towards the Derradeiro Valley and the Sanguessuga, joining again the P19 in Cabril to pass the dam wall and finish.

Distance: 55,3 km / 34,36 mi

Time: 5h00 to 7h00

Climbing: 2675 m / 8776 ft


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