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The Municipality of Manteigas is a privileged and unique territory in the middle of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, whose natural, ecological and landscape conditions dazzle visitors.

In Manteigas you can enjoy a diversified landscape with unique elements, attractive and well preserved, with places of great beauty and tranquility, which allow the intimate contact with nature.

Serra da Estrela is the only mountain range in Portugal where the glacial action was felt in a singular way, leaving numerous testimonies in the landscape, such as polished rocks, erratic blocks, morays, glacial lagoons and deep U-shaped valleys, being the Zêzere Glacier Valley one of the ex-libris of Manteigas.

The water element is a structure in this region, because like the human body, it constitutes the basis of its existence. The health and well-being tourism allies in the Thermal Spa - Caldas de Manteigas, which is complemented by an interpretation center, a picnic park and a point of sale to the public of the trout produced in the truticulture - Vivarium of trouts, which settled there, taking advantage of the crystalline and brave waters that erupt from the mountain.

The waterfall of the Paulo Luís Martins Fountain - which never stops sprouting, its refreshing water, the Poço do Inferno - a waterfall of about 10 metres, originating in the throat opened by the Leandres stream, the Penhas Douradas- which are said to have been sought by people who aspired to the "good airs" of the mountain and where the harmony between man and nature stands out, culminating in the ascent to the highest point in mainland Portugal - the Torre, are places worthy of a visit.

Its biodiversity allows Manteigas, to be an authentic "study book", highlighting the biological complementarity with the geomorphology of the territory.

The pastoralism and activities related to it confer a particularity to the council, whose origin dates back to 1188 when D. Sancho I granted the first charter to the village, today portrayed by the weaving craft, which perpetuates the tradition of the woollen industry, holding annually, at the time of carnival, an exhibition of activities, handicraft Fair and the tasting of cheese from Serra da Estrela (Expo Estrela), which attracts many visitors to the county.


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  • Cafe
  • Showers with free baths
  • WC
  • Free Bike Wash

  • Self-Service Workshop

map of routes


p11 green

An easy circular trail that continues towards Manteigas along the Lapa path and back to the MTB Center.

Distance: 7,5 km

Time: 1h to 1h30

Climbing: 220 m

p12 Blue

It is a circular route with a very quiet beginning, passing through Leandres, descending parallel to the River Zêzere to Skyparque. The return trip is made along the opposite side, passing the Sameiro, where you can temper forces in the coffee shop in the centre of the village, to face the most difficult climb of this adventure.

Distance: 14,5 km

Time: 1h30 to 2h30

Climbing: 501 m


p13 Red

It is a circular route, for experienced practitioners, having as its main objective the descent of the Glacier Valley. Starting towards Leandres, the route "attacks" the mountain towards the Poço do Inferno, where besides the landscape interest you can recover a little of the harder climb there, with very fresh water. Climbing up to Poios Brancos, you continue towards the Serra de Baixo to reach Lagoa Seca. The adventure continues until Covão D'Ametade continuing down the entire glacier valley of the Zêzere river to Manteigas.

Distance: 32,6 km

Time: 3h a 4h

Climbing: 900 m

p14 Red

It is a circular route, for experienced practitioners, going down towards Leandres to Skyparque parallel to the River Zêzere. Climbing the Fragusto, you take the direction of the Miradouro da Azinha where you get a unique view over the entire central massif, where you can see the Torre. Continuing towards the Corredor dos Mouros, continues to see, in this area, a stunning and unique landscape, with more technical trails. One descends to the Mata de S. Lourenço where the beech trees prevail, whose shade on the hottest days makes this passage unforgettable. The adventure ends with the breathtaking single-track of Pandil. It is advisable to bring enough water, as there are almost no places to refuel..

Distance: 33,8 km

Time: 3h to 4h

Climbing: 1030 m

p15 Black

It's a circular route, very hard, but a unique adventure, with the first half identical to course 14, when you reach Cruz das Jogadas, you descend to Covão da Ponte, where you pass the Mondego River, rising to its source, the Mondeguinho, and Penhas Douradas. The final descent to the village of Manteigas is through Carvalheira. As in route 14, we advise you to bring water and adequate food for an adventure like this, harder, to be done with autonomy, due to the scarcity of supply points.

Distance: 65,4 km

Time: 6h to 8h

Climbing: 2480 m


Hotel Berne

Tel.: 275 981 351 


Hotel Casa das Penhas Douradas

Tel.: 275 981 045


Hotel Vale do Zêzere

Tel.: 275 982 002 - 275 982 094

INATEL Serra da Estrela

Tel.: 275 980300


Casa dos Moinhos

Tel.: 965 138 732


Casa Lagar da Alagoa

Tel.: 275 487 024 - 964 414 249


Casa das Obras

Tel.: 275 981 155


Pensão Estrela

Tel.: 275 981 288 - 960 230 575


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