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The Cyclin'Portugal of Alcanena - Nascentes do Alviela Center, is located on the Fluvial Beach of Olhos D'Água next to the Centro de Ciência Viva - Carsoscópio, in a protected area of the Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park and in one of the most emblematic places of the county.

The natural beauty combined with the support infrastructures and the offer of activities, make Praia Fluvial a pole of attraction for bathers, as well as for all lovers of nature sports and their families.

The MTB Center is made up of 5 circuits duly signposted and planned in order to create 4 different levels of difficulty. There are 192 kilometres of pure pleasure available to all who visit us, from the youngest or beginners in this sport, to the most experienced and daring.

The routes are very diverse, from the riverside areas where it is easier to roll along rural paths along the banks of the Alviela river, to the highest areas where you climb on trails flanked by stone walls and more technical passages.

In the heart of the PNSAC protected area, we can contemplate the geological phenomena, fauna and flora in natural viewpoints that provide moments of great beauty and relaxation while resting and enjoying the fantastic landscape. All of this is captivating, but it is undoubtedly the countless single-tracks and the more technical descents, the X factors of this Center.

As far as the support structures are concerned, we are very well equipped, making available to practitioners an information panel, toilets, changing rooms, bicycle repair and washing area. There is also a restaurant on site with the possibility to stay, either in a tent or bungalows, in the Camping Park of Praia Fluvial dos D’Água, in dormitories at the Centro de Ciência Viva - Carsoscópio.

For the more daring, the proximity to the Batalha MTB Center and the Porto de Mós MTB Center (still in project), provides other challenges, including multi-day circuit projects.
All who visit this space will find that there is more than MTB.

Those who bring their family, realize that the Fluvial Beach has a lot to offer them: bathing area, bathrooms, picnic tables and grills, children's playground, sand playground, 3 permanent Orienteering Trails, interpretative road-trails book, 2 approved walking routes starting at Praia Fluvial (11 in total, distributed throughout the County), a maintenance circuit consisting of a running track and muscle strengthening area with the possibility of visiting the Centro de Ciência Viva - Carsoscópio.

Other Places of Interest / to visit

Municipal Walking Network:
PR1 - Olhos D’Água do Alviela (Praia Fluvial dos Olhos D’Água)
PR2 - Rota dos Bernardos (Espinheiro)
PR3 - Rota das Fontes Naturais (Bugalhos)
PR4 - Rota dos Ferreiros (Malhou)
PR5 - Rota dos Frades (Serra de Santo António)
PR6 - Rota dos Arrifes (Casais da Moreta - Monsanto)
PR7 - Rota dos Moinhos (Monsanto)
PR8 - Entre o Aqueduto e o Alviela (Praia Fluvial dos Olhos D’Água)
PR9 - Rota da Arcada (Louriceira)
PR10 - Rota de Minde (Minde)
PR11 - Rota de Santa Marta (Moitas Venda)

- Permanent Orientation Routes (Praia Fluvial dos Olhos D’Água)
- Through the Water Cycle (recommended for children under 10)
- Discovering Bats (recommended for ages between 10 and 14 years old)
-The Geology of PNSAC (recommended for people over 15)
- Interpretive Walking trail in Road Book
- On Rota dos Moinhos (Praia Fluvial dos Olhos D’Água)
- Maintenance Circuit (Praia Fluvial dos Olhos D’Água)
- Speedway
- Muscle strengthening zone
- Centro de Ciência Viva
- Carsoscópio (Praia Fluvial dos Olhos D’Água)
- Museu Etnográfico do Espinheiro(Espinheiro) by appointment
- Museu da Aguarela, Roque Gameiro (Minde)
- Museu da Boneca (Alcanena)


  • +351 939 091 376 / 249 889 112

    39°26'39.7"N 8°42'38.6"W

  • From South or North - By A1 (North Highway), exit Nº7 at Km 94 (A23 - Torres Novas - Abrantes - Castelo Branco). After the toll take the first exit (Zibreira - Alcanena - Minde) and follow the signs to Alcanena. In the village, follow the signs indicating Praia Fluvial or Centro de Ciência Viva.

    From West - Arriving at Rio Maior, follow the N361 towards - Alcanena. In the village follow the sign that indicates Praia Fluvial or Centro de Ciência Viva.

    From East - By A23 (Beira Interior highway), exit Nº1 at Kilometre 1 (Zibreira - Alcanena - Minde) and follow the signs to Alcanena. In the village, follow the signs to Praia Fluvial or Centro de Ciência Viva.

  • Summer – 9H00 - 19H00

    Winter – 10H00 - 18H00



  • Bungalows

  • Restaurant

  • Cafe

  • Campsite

  • River Beach

  • Walking Routes

  • Internship Centre

  • Showers with Free Baths
  • WC
  • Self-Service workshop

  • Free Bike Wash

  • Other activities

Map of routes


p21 Green

This circuit aims to promote the natural and agricultural resources of the area surrounding the Nascentes dos Olhos de Água do Alviela. The circuit starts next to the MTB Center, following the river through the Alviela Aqueduct, passing by Quinta do Alviela, in an extensive area of agricultural fields, predominantly occupied by cereal crops, continues until the cycle path, where the return will be made until to the River Beach of Olhos D'Água.

Distance: 7 km

Time: 1h

Climbing: 85m
p22 Blue

This circuit aims to promote the natural and agricultural resources of the surrounding area of Nascentes dos Olhos de Água do Alviela. The circuit starts next to the Mountain Bike Centre, follows the river through the Alviela Aqueduct, crosses the Ferreira bridge and goes until Raposeira. It passes through several cultivation fields, until it reaches Monsanto, where you can appreciate some karst formations, characteristic of this mountainous region, returning to the Olhos de Água River Beach.

Distance: 17,5 km

Time: 1h30 to 2h30

Climbing: 280 m


p23 Red

This route essentially explores the southern area of the municipality of Alcanena, through small population clusters of varying sizes, passing through Espinheiro, Malhou, Louriceira and Bugalhos, where Mediterranean-type crops such as olive groves and fig trees prevail. Some cereal crops and natural pasture coexist with small patches of forest, which are made up of stands of pine and eucalyptus, covering the hills, sandy terrain and limestone slopes. As for the trails, they vary between roads in rural areas and some single-tracks of high beauty.

Distance: 43 km

Time: 3h to 4h

Climbing: 730 m


p24 Black

This route essentially explores the mountainous area, north of Nascentes dos Olhos de Água do Alviela, characterised by scrubland, scattered olive groves and pastures bordered by dry stone walls. It passes through the arrifes, areas of geomorphological discontinuity, which separate the mountainous area from the moorland area, characterising a large part of the Alcanena municipality, composed of extensive olive and fig areas, remnants of agricultural activity, once abundant.

Distance: 46,5 km

Time: 4h to 6h

Climbing: 930 m


p25 Black

This route, which is longer than the rest of the network, covers a large part of the territory of the municipality and neighbouring localities. Passing through the Planalto de Santo António, where one can observe the typical landscapes of the mountainous area, it descends to the Polje of Minde, a place of unique characteristics in the country, classified as Ramsar site. From here it goes towards Serra D'Aire, another geological unit of reference in the region, then descending through torn trails and through the scrubland, to arrifes, following the path of the water, to the alluvial valleys of Bugalhos and Vaqueiros, returning through them to the surrounding source of the river Alviela, where it ends.

Distance: 86 km

Time: 7h to 9h

Climbing: 1600 m



Hotel Eurosol Alcanena

Residencial Glória

Tel.: 249 882 694 / 919 456 526


Residencial Planeta

Tel.: 914 121 135

O Estaminé - Guest House

Tel.: 249 840 215 | 912 880 906

Quinta da Coelheira

Tel.: 249 890 635

Centro de Alojamento do Centro Ciência Viva do Alviela

Tel.: 249 881 805

Rede Municipal de Percursos Pedestres

Tel.: 939 091 376


Tel.: 249897162

O Nosso Cantinho

Tel.: 249 403 777

Cantinho dos Charutos

Tel.: 249 849 238

O Caracol

Tel.: 249890235

Cantinho do Toino

Tel.: 249 882 717

O Facho

Tel.: 249 891 194

Pizza Buona

Tel.: 249 817 280

O Caneiros

Tel.: 249 891 293 / 913 261 565

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