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1- Pateira de Fermentelos or simply Pateira is a natural lagoon, located in the triangle of the municipalities of Águeda, Aveiro and Oliveira do Bairro, before the confluence of the Cértima River with the Águeda River. It is surrounded by the parishes of Óis da Ribeira, Fermentelos, Espinhel and Requeixo. It is the largest natural lagoon in the Iberian Peninsula, being a place where the traditional catch of the moliço takes place.

2- Urban Art or Street Art is the expression that refers to artistic manifestations developed in the public space. It encompasses all types of art that is expressed on the street and usually describes the work of people who have developed a way of artistic expression.
It is intended that in Águeda the Urban Art has an impact on those who visit us. It is thus a good way to make known the spaces of the city and its history. Take our urban art tour and let yourself be surprised by true works of art.

3- Alfusqueiro River Park: Located next to the Alfusqueiro river bridge, on the road that connects Macieira de Alcôba to Valongo, it is one of the river parks in the municipality of Águeda (located in the parish of Préstimo and Macieira de Alcôba). At various points on the river, several tongues of sand are formed and on its banks the trees provide shadows for bathers. Corresponds to the mountainous area of ​​the municipality, already on the edge of the Serra do Caramulo.

4- Serra do Caramulo:

The fresh air of Serra do Caramulo is the best that nature has to offer. Located in the transition zone between Beira Alta and Beira Litoral, the mountain combines forests and undergrowth areas with crystalline water courses and small waterfalls, where villages with granite houses and granaries are placidly implanted in the landscape.


  • Municipality of Águeda 
    Praça do Município 3754-500, ÁGUEDA / PORTUGAL 
    Tel. +351 234610070

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p1 green

Distance: 16,6 km

Time: 2h to 3h

Climbing: 185 m

p2 blue

Distance: 26,3 km

Time: 2h30 to 3h30

Climbing: 290 m

p3 red

Distance: 33.9 km

Time: 2h30 to 3h30

Climbing: 683 m

p4 red

Distance: 49,13 km

Time: 3h30 to 4h30

Climbing: 806 m

p5 black

Distance: 66,34 km

Tme: 4h to 6h

Climbing: 1776 m

p6 black

Distance: 81,3 km

Time: 7h to 9h

Climbing: 2345 m

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